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Cholesterol and Alzheimer's Disease

Cholesterol has long been linked to the health of the heart and we have written about how Cholesterol indirectly affects the health of the brain by affecting heart health.


Now, research has emerged showing a direct link between cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease and even the Alzheimer's-related gene ApoE.

Researchers at Scripps Research and the University of Virginia School of Medicine recently conducted a study examining how amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer's, form.

The researchers found that the E4 variant of the ApoE gene leads to an increase in the amount of Amyloid created. The E4 variant was previously known to lead to a decrease in the amount of Plaques removed and this new evidence shows that it can also lead to more Plaques being created!

Researchers went on to conduct an experiment where they were able to "shut off" cholesterol production and by doing so almost completely eliminate the creation of Amyloid plaques!

This new evidence furthers the evidence linking ApoE to Alzheimer's risk, but also shows that there is hope for a future medicine capable of counteracting it.

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